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The National Police and Security Officers Association of America (NPSOAA) was created in 2010 and established for the purpose of linking members of the law enforcement and security communities together in an effort to provide enhanced training and awareness of timely issues to professionals in these two allied fields.  Annual membership in the NPSOAA remains at $35.00 per year. During any future years when the NPSOAA receives philanthropic membership or sponsor grants, active members will not receive membership renewal invoices, making that year of NPSOAA membership at no cost to members.  Current NPSOAA Membership dues will continue to be payable on January 1 of the coming and  future years.

The NPSOAA communicates with its members via email, random snail mail, and through the home page website and linked pages. A member communication forum is under construction at this time. The periodic newsletters are posted and featured online with a response engine for members and others to respond and comment on topics and content featured. This is a proven-effective vital resource  Some urgent notifications of  interest to members will be sent electronically to the email address provided by members through periodic membership updates. 

NPSOAA members are assigned unique membership codes, provided at the time of their approved membership and in the welcome package, which we ask that you include in any correspondence you may send, such as inquiries for response, or when ordering items featured on our virtual "NPSOAA Law Enforcement and Security Garage Sale" web site.  Please pay special attention to continuing member discounts.

The NPSOAA will continue to provide an "investigative focus" on issues of vital occupational interest to members and a special focus on officer safety, new technology, benefits of lessons learned "on the mean streets", and important trends relating to animal cruelty and animal welfare.

Quite often we will offer perspectives, stories, overviews, articles of interest, investigative details from our NPSOAA Crime Blotter, and feature contributions received from our members and supporters.  We will also feature and spotlight law enforcement and security agencies, and both police and security officers and the commendable acts they have accomplished in their efforts to protect and serve the public and animals.  We will award certificates and related honors to officers in both law enforcement and security, who have gone beyond the normal call of duty to make a difference. This will be accomplished at the discretion of our volunteer NPSOAA Executive Director and the volunteer  NPSOAA Board of Directors.

In the past, national corporations, such as the Liberty Mutual Insurance Company, and professional training organizations have awarded scholarships and grants to the NPSOAA which  were passed on to members in various geographic areas where seminars and course credits were being offered. The NPSOAA continues to seek new sources to further benefit NPSOAA members. Any acquired scholarships and grants for training will be provided to members as they are received. 

The correct address for any and all communication with the NPSOAA is 150 Maple Avenue #224  South Plainfield, NJ 07080.  The Message Line and FAX number is 908-226-8715 and the official email address is  Please feel free to browse our site, our many links, our offerings and please feel free to communicate with us.

The NPSOAA continues to conduct research and product testing, with published reviews of the latest technologies as they become available to and for law enforcement and security professionals.

The NPSOAA is affiliated with a number of professional law enforcement and security corporations and organizations and their sites which also seek to enhance awareness, training and available technologies vital to the success of both efforts.  Some of these organizations we ask you to visit include:

The New Jersey Security Officers Association (NJSOA)

National Concerned Officers Organization on Gang Activity (CO3GA)

NPSOAA Timely Issues Home Page

National CSI



The NPSOAA is no longer affiliated with the former National Police Officers Association of America (NPOAA), as it is no longer in existence. The names (only) of former NPOAA members were absorbed by the NPSOAA to provide a law enforcement affiliation and to provide NPSOAA offerings and services, but the NPSOAA is not and never was responsible for upholding any of the insurance benefits previously offered by the National Police Officers Association of America, such as life or accidental death or dismemberment insurance. Holders of such policies should contact their insurance  carriers of those types of policies they may still have to determine coverage.  The NPSOAA has never issued any policies of those types and will not be held liable for any previous coverages offered in the past by the NPOAA or NPROA, Etc. 


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