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Welcome to the

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of Nigerian 419 Scams!


Have you ever received an unsolicited business proposition, by fax, by direct mail or via Email, originating from Nigeria or somewhere in Africa announcing that someone has millions of dollars they want to deposit into your bank account and they are offering you a percentage of a promised transfer of funds?


This money might be part of a petroleum trust fund, a wealth of diamonds or looted government money. While it sounds harmless and an easy way to earn a lot of cash for little work or effort, BEWARE! In exchange for your cooperation, your reward will be a percentage of the money, resulting in a large cash amount!  Would you be tempted to take a chance? 


If so, you truly NEED to listen to the following 3 CD Series:


               NIGERIAN 419 SCAM: GAME OVER!

                                                 (ISBN: 1-877858-40-4)


...available now from the NPSOAA Training Library, on a three-CD audio book set!  It serves as the most important anti-fraud publication of this century and a vital training aid for all law enforcement and security professionals.


4-1-9 is an integral part of the Nigerian Criminal Code depicting fraudulent activities. If you have not yet been targeted by the 419 scam operations, you, or a friend or family member will be. Those who respond positively to the bogus offer stand to lose each and every penny, nickel, dime, quarter and dollar they own, and possibly their life!


The NIGERIAN 419 SCAM: GAME OVER! factual story brings to an unwary public an ultimate weapon against these types of personal financial crimes and the inherent warning about the ongoing success of ruthless Nigerian fraud scams and financial terrorism. It seeks to educate prospective targets BEFORE they become victims.


If you are about to respond positively to an unsolicited business proposition from Nigeria or any African or other country that offers you a percentage of untold millions of dollars, then NIGERIAN 419 SCAM: GAME OVER! is in both a book format that you MUST READ and a CD format that you must hear BEFORE you respond!


Because It is Just THAT Important!


For police agencies, and members of the allied law enforcement and security communities, and citizens, NIGERIAN 419 SCAM: GAME OVER! is the premier investigative training and intervention tool that will help officers and investigators to understand how average citizens can respond to the seemingly harmless business opportunity, and, in the aftermath, become victims of this crime.


For vulnerable members of the public, it will help to prevent personal loss from this insidious crime that nets over FIVE BILLION DOLLARS each Year from Unaware and Unsuspecting Victims!

The Nigerian 419 Scam is, according to published reports, the Third to Fifth largest crime industry in Nigeria resulting in the theft of FIVE BILLION dollars from American and world citizens each year.  In effect, the elites from which successive governments of Nigeria have been drawn ARE the Scammers - therefore, victims have little recourse in this matter. Monies stolen by 419 operations are almost NEVER recovered from Nigeria.

Most 419 letters and emails originate from or are traceable back to Nigeria. However, some originate from other nations, mostly West African nations such as Ghana, Togo, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Ivory Coast (Cote D'Ivoire) and more. In most cases 419 emails from other nations are also Nigerian, in that the "Home Office" of the 419ers involved is Nigeria, regardless of the source of the contact materials. But there are occasionally some "local" copycats trying to emulate the success of the Nigerians. These folks tend not to last too long actually operating out of nations other than Nigeria, but they do try.

The audio book on 3 CDs - NIGERIAN 419 SCAM: GAME OVER!, has been specially created for use on both PC and Macintosh computers, and serves as a condensed volume of the investigative novel of the same name,  NIGERIAN 419 SCAM: GAME OVER! (ISBN: 1-877858-36-6), a printed book, which is featured and can be printed in its entirety directly from the third CD as a Free E-book.


For additional information, email and place the words "Nigerian 419 Scam" in either the subject or body of your email message. Detailed information will be provided via return email or Click on the highlighted text to visit and browse the contents of the 419 Scam Center.....


Thank You For Your Interest.


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