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Animal Abuse - Animal Cruelty and the SPCA Humane Police
Internet Fraud: A Perspective
Armed Robbery Training For Police and Security Professionals
Detecting Deception or Identifying Lies In Disguise? Both!
Insurance Investigation Self-Study and Training
A Career in Security Consulting with Self-Training via Home Study
A Career For You As A 911 Dispatcher
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Criminal Justice Ethics 2004 ... and Beyond
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The National Police and Security Officers' Association of America
The Unsung Heroes Award Recipients of 2003
We Salute New Jersey's Unsung Heroes of 2003
Michael Beasley
Bobby Stewart
Harold Boyd, Jr. (aka Harold B.)
Mountaintop Records, Inc.
Tobias Fox
Creative Spirits of New Jersey, Inc.
Melvin Robinson
Creative Spirits of New Jersey, Inc.
Anthony Baker
9/11/01 Citizen Volunteer
Margaret Hinnant
Community Angels of Newark
Janet Lechmanick
Maria Pelullo
Project Youth Haven
Amanda Prybella
Hero Lifesaver
Anthony Satus
Our Sincere NPOAA/NPSOAA Thanks To:
Mrs. Mae Patterson
and The Unsung Heroes Nomination Committee
"Working Honorably and Without Needing Recognition, Focusing on the Deed, Not the Rewards"
Jihadah Sharif, Founder
Creative Spirits of New Jersey, Inc.
"Empowering Youth Through Positive Structure and The Creative Arts and ... Giving 'Them' Their Flowers While They Can Still Smell Them"
Nelson Diaz
Mountaintop Records
"Offering Youth a New Perspective and a New Sound For Their Entertainment and Musical Enjoyment"