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Detecting Deception or Identifying Lies In Disguise? Both!
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Welcome to our Investigative Research and Training and Self-Training and Instruction Site!
If You Need To Know The Difference Between The Spoken Truth and A Verbal Lie --
You Need:
                        A Practical Guide To Detecting Deception in           
  Verbal (Suspect/Witness) Behavior 

is the Perfect Self-Instruction/Training Course! You'll Save Hundreds of Tuition and Course Dollars, with No Need for Classroom Time. You'll Self-Train in the Comfort of your Home or Office and You'll Be Ready to Employ Your Skills Immediately. 

is Currently Available for Immediate RUSH ORDER Purchase and Delivery...

Specially Created For:

--Police Officers,
--Private Investigators,
--Detectives and Criminalists,
--Military Police Personnel,
--Military Investigative Specialists
--Police, Security and Military Training Officers,
--Correctional, Probation and Parole Officers,
--Insurance Fraud Investigators,
--Lawyers and Attorneys,
--Forensic Investigators,
--District Attorneys,
--Criminal Justice Students,
--All Allied Professionals...
and Especially YOU!

If You Interview:

--Victims, or

If You Interrogate:

--Criminal Offenders,
--Incarcerated Inmates,
--Gang Members
--or Others and You Need To Know Whether They Are Telling You The Truth or Whether They Are ... Lying To You In Disguise ... You Need: 

A Practical Guide To Detecting Deception in Verbal Behavior

For most people, it is easier to lie, not by telling direct, confrontive, empathetic "whoppers", but by diluting, rerouting, and rearranging bits and pieces of language into forms of verbal evasion that we rarely identify as lies.

During investigative witness or crime victim interviews, or interrogations, such as those with gang members, informants and related criminal offenders, many deceptive persons commonly and often lie to police and allied investigators merely by telling their brand of truth, but also inadvertently disclose those vital admissions which ultimately link them to the crime or offense under investigation.

These suspects find it indeed difficult to lie consistently throughout the interview, due to conflicting mental and emotional pressures.

Once a police or correctional officer, criminal justice investigator, attorney or even private investigator or industrial security interviewer knows the specific forms of a suspect's disguised lies, he or she has a powerful resource to use these "Lies in Disguise" admissions and confessions.


---is a specialized self-training course and a guide for ALL Law Enforcement, Private Investigators, Criminal Justice and Legal and Security Professionals, as well as a wide variety of other professionals who NEED to know whether a suspect or subject is telling the truth or disguising the truth within a lie, or vice-versa, and who desire to improve their abilities to determine the truthfulness of persons involved in all types of criminal activities and investigations. This truly specialized training tool is also vital during interviews with Witnesses and Crime Victims.

The information in this highly-recommended self-training text is extremely applicable, appropriate and highly recommended:

--For Use by Police Patrol Officers, Corrections Officers and Security Officers;

--For Use by Military Law Enforcement Officers and Investigators on All Command Levels,

--For Probation and Parole Officers Sheriff Deputies and Others;

--For Use During Gang and Street Crime Interviews and Interrogations;

--For Use During Homicide, Sex Crimes, Occult Crime or Arson Investigations;

--For Use During Insurance, Credit Card and Securities Fraud Investigations;

--For Use By Internal Affairs Investigators During Interviews and Investigations;

--For Use By Law Enforcement Detectives and the Full Range of Private and Criminal Investigators;

--For Use By Coroners, Forensic Scientists and Medical Examiners for Follow-up and Post-Mortem/Death Investigation;

--For Use By Corporate and Organizational/Applicant Background Investigators;

--For Use By Legal, Social and Human Service Personnel and Investigators;

--For Use By Prosecutors, Attorneys, Judges and Related Legal Investigators;

--For Use By Polygraph and Voice Stress Examiners;

--And For Use By Crime Analysts, and countless other professionals who NEED to know TRUTH from LIE!

With this truly specialized text and course, those who desire to improve their current expertise and abilities to determine the truthfulness of persons involved in all types of criminal investigations, can now do so with a higher degree of professionalism and quality, especially in subject areas such as:

--How specific and repetitive words, phrases and sentences are linked to indirect lies;

--How to identify, evaluate, and use suspects' disguised admissions and hidden offense-linkage excuses to obtain admissions and confessions;

--How to determine a solid "Reasonable Probability of Deception or Truth";

--How to conduct and focus interrogations on deceptive suspects, while eliminating, from investigative scrutiny, those who are truthful;

--How to apply new techniques of verbal analysis to assess the credibility of statements taken from victims, witnesses and suspects of crime;

--How to apply new questioning tactics to effectively conduct a verbal detection of deception "Diagnostic Interview", adaptable to any type of investigation; and much, much more, enhancing your current efforts! Unlike other interviewing or interrogation courses,


...doesn't teach what deceptive persons Tend to Say. This unique training course provides practical and new knowledge on what these types of persons actually Do Say, as the case facts are substantiated by hard research data.


--will greatly assist you and fellow investigative professionals in:

--Identifying specific verbal responses of deceptive interviewees;

--Identifying deceptive interviewees' disguised and tacit admissions;

--Evaluating the credibility of oral and written statements of suspects, victims and witnesses;

--Identifying false reports and false representations of crimes;

--Conducting diagnostic interviews of persons involved in all types of criminal investigations; and

--Determining reasonable probability of deception or truth in interviewees' statements, and much, much more!

Law enforcement and Security Agencies, Individual Police Officers, Detectives, Training Officers, Private Investigators, Prosecutors and Related Security and Loss Prevention Professionals Can Now Purchase Their Copy(ies) of

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