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Welcome to the World of

It is a vast world where a lot of money is:
Spent on insurance claims;
Spent on doctors, lawyers, trial defenses;
Spent on research, accident reconstruction experts;
and Earned by Insurance Investigators!

It is a world sometimes filled with intrigue,
sometimes very unbelievable,
and many times, with mysteries that need to be unraveled.

It is also a rewarding and a lucrative field...
if you can learn through self-study and self-training
and develop the skills necessary
to provide the needed and required expert services.

Your Training and Earning Tool:

Don't let the title of this timeless training manual deter you!
Twenty-two years in the making, PRIVATE EYES HANDBOOK OF INSURANCE INVESTIGATIONS provides you many secrets that would otherwise take countless years to learn, to develop and to master.
Much of what you will learn from its featured chapters and pages is NOT taught in any school, college, or insurance courses. The secrets come from first-hand field experience accumulated by the author over many years of intense Insurance Investigation activity and lessons learned along the career path.

PRIVATE EYES HANDBOOK OF INSURANCE INVESTIGATIONS is written so that it will NEVER be outdated in the future. Because there are many types of insurance, actual case histories, reports and statement guidelines to handle each of them are provided.
There are complete and basic understandings of all procedures, from the Initial Assignment to writing the final report, with a host of invaluable samples included.

PRIVATE EYES HANDBOOK OF INSURANCE INVESTIGATIONS serves as both a complete business and educational experience, providing its unique breed of readers and students with a truly unique ability for anyone, including and especially YOU, to learn information that insurance companies usually keep very secret, and certainly to themselves.

It is important to note that insurance companies DO NOT train the public, nor do they make this type of material available for learning, unless you actively work "on the inside" within the insurance industry.

If a trained Insurance Investigator, Private Detective, Former or Retired Law Enforcement or Security Officer, or anyone understands and learns all about the many types of insurance, and learns the "ins and outs" of insurance, they can offer all of the professional and occupational-related services, and not just one, such as surveillance.
This opens the door to many, many more opportunities!

The ultimate concept of this unique, innovative and much-needed handbook is to educate and train motivated candidates and potential achievers to become Insurance Investigators and greatly assist the public with their insurance  ... not just insurance companies.

is the choice of:

--The Career-Oriented,

--People with Criminal Justice or Investigative Backgrounds who want to get into business for themselves to enhance their present business,

--Retired Career Police Officers and former Investigators who want to stay in the heart of investigative field but investigate insurance losses;

--Security Officers and Security Professionals on all levels;

--Law Enforcement Agencies, Officers, Investigators and Officials;

--Private Detectives and Corporate Security Investigators;

--Lawyers, Attornies and Related Legal Professionals;

--Criminal Justice Students and Educators;

--Special Investigative Units;

--Military Police and Members of Criminal Investigation Commands;

--Insurance Fraud and Loss Prevention Bureaus;

--Insurance Investigation Training Schools;

--Insurance Adjusters and related Professionals who want and need guidelines into various fields;

--For Use in Insurance Companies themselves who want to give this handbook to those who conduct investigations for them;

--School, Public and University Reference Libraries and Librarians;

--Part-Time Occupational Achievers;

--Vocational and Technical Schools and Students, and More...

Police agencies continue to purchase multiple copies of PRIVATE EYES HANDBOOK OF INSURANCE INVESTIGATIONS to enhance the investigative capabilities of their police officers, detectives and investigators to standardized questions, not only to help themselves, but to help with departmental investigations where insurance crimes, frauds, losses and insurance carriers serving their agencies are involved.

If you learn the basics, using the timeless contents of PRIVATE EYES HANDBOOK OF INSURANCE INVESTIGATIONS and go on to develop your expertise, seeking the market, learning and providing the very best service, the field of Insurance Investigation can be a very lucrative, rewarding and continuing career.

Insurance companies have a lot of money to spend, and they like to spend it wisely. You can enjoy the benefits of their spending habits, but you must set your goals, develop your skills, and go after it!

will provide much of the knowledge you will need to proceed and accomplish this task.


Contents include:

* Introduction * Types of Insurance Companies * Types of Insurance * Functions of the Insurance Claims Department * Developing the (Insurance Investigation) Business * Marketing and Sales * Report Writing * Statements * Locus, Diagrams, and Photographs * Accident Scene/Roadway Procedures * Assets and Subrogation Reports * Assets, Subrogation and Locate Guidelines * Assets & Subrogation Example * Complete Locates / Locating People * Homeowner and Apartment Owner Investigation * Homeowner and Apartment Statement Guide * Homeowner and Apartment Owner Example * Worker's Compensation Investigations * Worker's Compensation Statement Guide * Worker's Compensation Example * Activity Checks and Surveillance * Activity Checks and Surveillance Example * Automobile Accident Investigation * Automobile Accident Statement Guideline * Automobile Accident Sample * Automobile Theft Investigation * Medical Malpractice Investigation * Medical Malpractice Statement Guidelines * Liquor Liability Investigation * Liquor Liability Statement Guide * Liquor Liability Example * Product Liability * Product Liability Statement Guide * Product Liability Sample Diagram * Product Liability Example * Forms * Glossary of Terms * Insurance Company/Carrier List

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Product Details

  • Paperback: 152 pages
  • Publisher: USCCCN/American Focus Publishing; 1 edition (January 1, 1992)
  • ISBN: 1877858730
  • Average Customer Review: 5.0 out of 5 stars
  • Sales Rank: 846,822


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