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Sincerely Dedicated to Those Who Have Gone To Make a Place For Us


Just A Little Prayer


You’re loved more than you know;

For God is with you wherever you go.

He’ll bring you back, safe and sound;

No matter how you make your rounds.


For faith is so strong, Though God knows best.

Your trust in him is the very best,

So keep smiling along the way,

And let God come in, and there He will stay!


ŠEtta M. Wade


I Try To Understand


Lord, Do I understand what life is all about?

Or do I just imagine in my mind without a doubt?

Sometimes I think I’m right, Sometimes I think I’m wrong,

So I look to You, to make me see where I am not so strong.


There is so much to look forward to.

And still we turn our backs

on the precious things you give to us in life,

When we are Oh, so slack,


But one day we’ll realize it all

And at a time beyond … we’ll recall,

For God will be there, and I’ll be prepared to answer His call.


ŠEtta M. Wade


To The Future


There’s a star in your Crown … That is shining bright


There’s a star in your Crown … That shares the light


There’s a God above who watches over you

He’s our Heavenly Father who will see you through.

As life goes on, He’s guiding you,

In every way you walk and the way you talk

So march on to the future

You won’t stumble or fall

For God is there to answer your call.


ŠEtta M. Wade


Healing The Wounds


God has a way of healing the wounds;

It’s faith that brings us through

With love so strong when we reach out,

Our Heavenly Father knew.


He’s everywhere without a doubt,
He is Our Master of Mankind,

Who cares and shares with no mistake

To keep your heart in Thine


Look up to God

He heals the wounds and makes us smile again

And looking up and saying to God,

Thank you for the wounds you mend.


ŠEtta M. Wade


Sharing the Blessings and Being Thankful

(Read before the Mount Teman A.M.E. Congregation

for Thanksgiving Day Services)


Let us share the blessings that God Shared.

Let us share the blessings because God cared.

Let us be more thankful each day.

Let us look to Him in every way.


He guides us day and night.

He loves us with all his might.

Let us remember the precious love he gives

To you and me and still lets us live.


Our Precious Father who looks down on us;

And gives His Blessings and all his love.


It’s sharing and caring

That makes life sweet.

It’s hoping and praying

To the one we’ll meet.


So with love in our hearts

And with hop in our hearts

God is the Only One with whom we will never part.



ŠEtta Wade


The Hand That Works Miracles


It makes me wonder what happened to me,

As I try to live the life that God has given me day by day.


I try to make it right.


My faith in God is Oh so strong,

He understands it all.


My Faith is all I have to give,

And He will answer to my call.


He gave me the kindest words,

And upon my knees I pray,

That God will heal the wounds some day,

For I will trust in Him every day.


ŠEtta M. Wade


Show Me The Way, Dear Lord.


Lord, I’m not the person I used to be.

I know you understand.


You showed me the way in which to go,

By giving me your hand.


I often stop and sit and think,

And ask “What’s happening with my life?”


I hold my head, and sit, and cry

And ask God to make it right.


But through it all, I begin to see,

The light come shining through.


It makes me sit and wonder,

Am I turning my life to you?

So much has happened as life goes on,

It makes me sit and sigh.


As life goes on, sometimes I cry,

But the strength of God is by my side.


And the heavenly father who is always there,

To ease the burden, and I know he cares,

Because he showed me which way to go,

Look straight ahead, and don’t look back.

For God is there to follow your tracks.


Make no mistake what God can do,

He’s there for me. He’s there for you!


ŠEtta M. Wade




A Prayer and A Tribute To Manning E. Wade, Jr.


Now the work is left to us,

To carry forth the beauty and joy of Manning, Jr.’s Life,

Which has been taken from us.


Where we weep, Junior would have us laugh.


Where we mourn, Junior would have us to rejoice.


But we know, full well,

that Junior will forgive us our grief.

For to Grieve is to Love,

And to Love is to Cherish,

And to Cherish is to give Praise and Thanksgiving for

The life of Manning Jr., who has blessed us all.


And To that life, to Junior,

we pray courage and strength,

That our frailty be forgiven,

Our sorrows redeemed,

The wounds of our loss healed,

In the sure knowledge that life moves forward

And does not tarry with yesterday,

And that the life before us beckons to greater glory

As the only memorial that is fitting and just.


When we depart, let us depart in peace,

and look to the morning,

blessed and assured that on tomorrow,

the Sun will rise again upon us. 


The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away.

Blessed is and be the Name of the Lord, now,

above all, and forever more.


Amen. Amen.  And Amen.

The Poetry Featured on this Page was Authored by
Etta M. Wade, NPSOAA Poet Laureate

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